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Are you facing divorce or another family law matter? You undoubtedly have many questions, fears and concerns. When faced with an unfamiliar legal process and uncertainties about the future, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who you can trust.

Daniel Forrest is a results-oriented attorney who can help you seek the results you desire in your divorce. To find out how, contact a Broward County family law attorney online today.

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When individuals in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding South Florida communities contact the Law Office of Daniel E. Forrest, P.A., they receive the aggressive representation they need to push for the best results. The firm represents professionals in a variety of family law matters:

Attorney Daniel Forrest's consistent pursuit of greatness is apparent in his practice and his accomplishments. He is a board-certified marital and family law specialist in Florida. Plus, Daniel Forrest was born and raised in South Florida. He knows the nuances of Florida laws and courtrooms, and he knows what to expect from the judges.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), that allows parties to work out their issues outside of the courtroom. By working collaboratively with help from a third-party neutral mediator, husbands and wives (and other disputing parties) are often able to settle their legal matter more quickly and for less money than traditional courtroom litigation.

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