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August 2013 Archives

Tips for Florida seniors facing later-life divorce issues

The dissolution of a marriage can create financial challenges at any age. For Florida seniors, however, a high net worth divorce can mean the risk of losing a comfortable retirement. Fortunately, financial experts have offered a few tips to keep those golden years golden, even if one's marriage has been tarnished beyond repair.

New model for family court

During a divorce in Florida, one of the biggest disagreements can be over visitation and time spent with children. Child custody battles can sometimes go on for years as the courts attempt to untangle what is in the children's best interests. One father, caught in the middle of court date after court date, fought for the right to see his children for several years. He eventually became a child advocate who spoke on the behalf of the children he represented.

Florida may yet revamp alimony laws

Florida residents paying or receiving alimony as well as those contemplating divorce may be interested in recent actions by the state Legislature aimed at reviving a bill changing how alimony payments are awarded. The proposed changes would put a cap on some alimony payments and entirely eliminate others. Citing excessive hardship to those wage-earners obligated to support former spouses indefinitely even after relatively short marriages, reformers claim that Florida's current alimony laws are unfair and outdated.

Florida women work to make alimony equitable

A group of women in Florida is working to make alimony laws more uniform. As the law stands, judges have discretion over the amount that one spouse must pay the other after they divorce. In some cases, retired women are ordered to pay alimony that exceeds half of their monthly income. Florida's governor vetoed a bill in 2013 that would have retroactively ended alimony for some Floridians.

Wade and ex-wife face yet another public battle

Basketball fans in Florida and across the nation are watching as Dwayne Wade and his former wife, not even one week after reaching an agreement on a $5 million figure, fight in yet another court battle. This disagreement focuses on child custody. Apparently, the basketball player wants his ex to undergo a psychological evaluation or forfeit all visits with their boys.