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August 2015 Archives

Help your attorneys help you with a high asset divorce

When attorneys take on a high asset Florida divorce, they need access to many documents in order to make forward progress through the case. Depending on the complexity of case and the unique issues involved, attorneys typically ask their clients to provide these documents for reference throughout the divorce process. There are many standard documents necessary in a Florida divorce, but attorneys may request others when a high net worth is at stake.

The psychological elements of property division

Most Broward County residents facing the end of a marriage would probably agree that divvying up marital property is an important divorce issue. At the same time, it can also be a highly contentious matter for both spouses. Resolving property division in an amicable way benefits the divorcing couple as it prevents a judge from stepping in and dividing the property in way that might be unsuitable for either spouse.

Virtual visitation and child custody in Florida

Florida is one of several states that have created laws allowing parents to engage in virtual visitation with their children. This type of visitation enables non-custodial parents to utilize technology to maintain and preserve their parent/child relationships. Types of virtual visitation include video conferencing, e-mail, video chatting, instant messaging and most any other electronic means of communication.

Can I waive my alimony rights in a Florida prenuptial agreement?

A disclaimer before answering: Neither spouse should waive any of their basic rights in a prenuptial agreement. Even though the hearts of prospective newlyweds are full of contentment and bliss, it is a dangerous practice to begin a marriage by disregarding one's own rights. Giving up one's rights could invite a lasting pattern of inequality and in most cases cause an unbalanced approach to starting a life together.