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You can fight for assets in a high-asset divorce

If you've decided to get a divorce and are in a marriage with a high asset value, then you're probably looking into ways to protect your interests. If you have a prenuptial agreement, it may determine which assets you get and how to divide the property that has been purchased during your marriage. If not, then you may need to look into other ways of identifying your property and the value of assets you deserve in the split.

In divorce, the only assets that are typically split include assets that are considered marital property. These assets are usually obtained during the marriage, and they're split if the marriage fails. For instance, if a couple has only a house as an asset, then it would be possible to sell the home and split the proceeds during a divorce.

In high-asset divorces, there are many assets to consider. Florida does not recognize community property, so the judge for your case will hear your arguments about what you want or feel you deserve and then apply formulas to come up with how your property will be divided.

It's not just your positive assets that are divided in divorce. You also have to divide debts and liabilities. If you have businesses, those may be part of the division of your assets. The same is true if you have retirement accounts or other financial holdings.

Our website has more information on how to proceed with a high-asset divorce so that you can protect your assets and receive an equitable share of your marital property in your divorce.

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