Broward County Child Custody Lawyers

Some parents have the misconception that divorce ruins the relationship between parents and their children. There are situations when that happens, but it doesn't need to. And one of the most effective ways to prevent that is by keeping child custody matters out of the courtroom.

When a family's dirty laundry is brought to a courtroom, it's difficult to air out the tension afterward. One of the best things a Broward County attorney can do in child custody matters is negotiate with the opponents and keep the case out of court. That's exactly what you can expect at the Law Office of Daniel E. Forrest, P.A.

Attorney Daniel Forrest uses his persuasive speaking skills and legal know-how to help his clients achieve the results they want in child custody matters.

Is It In A Child's Best Interest To Spend Time With Both Parents?

In Florida, a judge's first concern is always protecting the best interests of children. In most situations, that means creating custody plans that give both parents visitation time. However, there are situations when co-parenting may not seem like the best choice. Does one parent abuse drugs or alcohol, or struggle with mental health issues?

Daniel Forrest works with clients to help ensure their children's best interests are protected. Whether that means creating visitation plans that allow parents to seek help while still spending time with their children or preventing visitation time until the problem is resolved, there is always a solution.

Likewise, visitation plans must be tailored to meet your needs. Daniel Forrest knows that every family is different and celebrates holidays differently. When he creates visitation agreements, he thinks about every issue that could arise down the road, and he creates solutions that pre-emptively address possible pitfalls.

Address Child Relocation And Parental Responsibility

Many parents have questions about which parent will make important questions regarding how the children are raised. Attorney Daniel Forrest helps parents understand how decisions about health, education and religion will be determined.

If one parent is interested in moving out of South Florida with the child, Daniel Forrest can help determine whether it is in the child's best interest to leave. He works with experts to prove how a move would impact the child's quality of life — for better or worse.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Child Relocation Attorney

Regardless of the custody situation you are facing, it's important to work with an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights throughout the process. Schedule your initial consultation by contacting the firm online or by calling 800-642-8160.