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Most people going through a divorce want to protect their rights without starting unnecessary fights. However, there are situations in which couples are unable to agree on the terms of their divorces outside of court. When that happens, it's critical to have a Broward County divorce litigation lawyer who is not afraid to go to litigation.

Attorney Daniel Forrest is a Board Certified Marital & Family Law attorney, which is the highest accomplishment a lawyer can earn. Daniel's trial skills enable him to give clients throughout South Florida the aggressive representation they need to protect their rights in any family law battle:

Domestic Violence Accusations During Divorce

When people are accused of domestic violence, it can drastically change the course of a divorce or child custody case. In some situations, one parent will accuse the other parent of domestic violence in an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the custody case.

If the accusatory parent pushes for a restraining order, the hearing for that is supposed to happen within 15 days. Many lawyers struggle to adequately prepare in that amount of time. Daniel Forrest, however, knows how to maximize the time he has. During that time, he can get a deposition and take other steps to help ensure his clients' rights are protected.

Understanding The Other Players' Strategy

Practicing family law involves understanding the motives and strategies of everyone involved. And to effectively defend domestic violence accusations, Daniel Forrest relies on the same critical-thinking skills he uses in chess. He works hard to understand the mental state of his clients and their spouses and to understand what they are thinking. Understanding their motives allows him to create a more effective strategy in response.

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