Fort Lauderdale Spousal Support Lawyers

Protecting Your Finances And Lifestyle

When wealthy couples are working through divorce, the biggest questions they have relate to spousal support. How much can they expect to pay or receive, and how long will that last?

In South Florida, child support is determined by a formula. For spousal support, there are no such guidelines. Fort Lauderdale attorneys who know what to expect from spousal support are lawyers who have a thorough understanding of the law and the cases that have been determined in the past. Attorney Daniel Forrest is that kind of attorney.

Daniel Forrest is a Board Certified Marital & Family Law specialist. He is aggressive in the courtroom and persuasive in negotiations. He knows what's feasible, and he helps ensure his clients pay or receive appropriate spousal support payments. Because he was born and raised in South Florida, Daniel Forrest knows how to protect the rights of his clients.

Understanding How Spousal Support Is Determined

Even though there is not a formula for determining spousal support payments, there are still several factors the judges consider. When judges are thinking about alimony payments, they look at the lifestyle of the couple.

Using forensic accounting, judges determine whether the standard of living was reasonable and whether the couple would be able to maintain the lifestyle. For examples, couples who live extravagantly but beyond their means should not expect spousal support payments to support the current lifestyle.

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Whether you are a homemaker who is supported by your spouse's income or the breadwinner who supports the family, it's important to understand your financial rights during divorce. Contact the Law Office of Daniel E. Forrest, P.A., to schedule your initial consultation. The firm can be reached online or by calling 800-642-8160.