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Family law contractual agreements can be complicated and include issues that could turn contentious. Prenuptial agreements are no exception, often causing bitter disputes in the event of a breakup. These disputes can go on and on, straining your finances and your emotional stability. While the principles upon which a prenuptial agreement is based are typically pretty simple, a savvy, soon-to-be ex might be able to punch a few holes in what you thought was an airtight contract.

So, how can one be certain his or her prenuptial agreement will hold up under the scrutiny of a courtroom? There is no simple answer, but the best way to make sure the document is valid is to use an attorney.

Language matters a great deal in all types of contracts, including marital or prenuptial agreements. Those who attempt to draft such agreements on their own often discover the document is invalid once divorce begins. This is also the case when individuals download prepared marital agreements from the Internet. While simply filling in a few blanks may be fine for many kinds of contractual agreements, it is unwise to rely on these when a person's life and wealth are at stake.

For the sake of preserving what is rightfully yours and yours alone, a prenuptial agreement must contain specific, and in many cases, detailed language addressing finances, property and other assets. Do-it-yourselfers may also find out they failed to file the document correctly, which may also result in an invalid prenuptial agreement.

Florida residents who need a prenuptial agreement that will hold up in court should seek professional guidance from an attorney before filing any marital agreement. Please visit the Law Office of Daniel E. Forrest online to discover important information about prenuptial agreements in the Broward County area.

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