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Florida parents: Child Support Enforcement doesn't do enough

Some parents are worried that they aren't getting enough child support and are frustrated with the Florida Child Support Enforcement Program. They claim that the program doesn't have the authority to do what it needs to do to get the money the parents need and deserve for their children. Some parent do find it difficult to pay the child support they owe. What can you do if a parent won't pay? You have to turn to the Child Support Enforcement Program. If the program doesn't have the authority to do what it needs to do, it is very difficult to get the funds that have been withheld from the custodial parent. The Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Program has collected over a billion dollars in current and past due child support in the last fiscal year, as of July 2017. The program states that it has a collection rate of 81.9 percent, but it still has over a billion dollars to go to make things right with some parents. What can be done to get results on cases that are long past due? The state agency says that it has enforcement tools. It can garnish a parent's wages. Driver's licenses may be suspended if child support is not paid. Extreme cases can result in a parent going to jail.

Woman flees with child and faces prison for parental kidnapping

A child custody dispute can be difficult to live with, especially if you're always concerned about your child being taken away by the other parent. No one should have to live that way, and the courts may order supervised visitation to make sure your child stays safe.

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