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Fort Lauderdale High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

Most people work hard to build their financial portfolios, retirement funds and savings accounts. In some marriages, there is total transparency between spouses regarding their finances. In many marriages, however, spouses are skeptical about the true value of the assets in the marriage.

Accurately Valuating All Assets In The Marriage

Although financial ignorance can be tolerated during marriage, it’s critical to know the exact value of every asset each spouse has when they are facing divorce. Even if you think you have a good idea of the value of your finances, it’s important to work with experts who can help verify your numbers.

The Law Office Of Forrest & Forrest, PLLC works with individuals throughout South Florida to help them prove the true value of the incomes and assets in their marriages. The firm has experience discovering and valuating all assets, including:

  • Hidden assets
  • Offshore assets
  • Businesses
  • Stock options
  • Real estate
  • Assets fraudulently transferred to other people

The firm knows the appropriate discovery tools and mechanisms to uncover the truth. Plus, to help ensure all assets are properly valuated, the firm works with a variety of financial experts, including forensic accountants, valuators, appraisers, actuaries, pension experts and other consultants.

Attorney Daniel Forrest was born and raised in South Florida, and he attended Florida schools from elementary school through law school. He has strong connections throughout the area, and he is familiar with the tricks dishonest spouses may attempt to hide assets. Attorney Paulina Forrest also brings a powerful skill set to the table.

Contact our Broward County Property Division Attorneys

Whether you are skeptical about how much your spouse claims to earn or need to defend yourself against your spouse’s false allegations about the value of your assets or income, it’s critical to work with an attorney who has experience working with couples in Fort Lauderdale who are resolving high net worth divorce matters.

To schedule your initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, contact the firm online or call 954-800-5000.

The Law Office of Forrest & Forrest, PLLC represents individuals in Fort Lauderdale in high-asset divorce matters. Daniel Forrest is board-certified family lawyer and mediator serving the South Florida area.

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  • AV(R) Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell(R) Lawyer Ratings
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