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To seek alimony or not: A personal choice

Spousal support has remained a hot topic during the first five months of 2015 and everyone seems to have a valid opinion. While alimony is often a big issue when divorce is imminent, some dependent spouses in Florida may choose to forego spousal support. As with all aspects of ending a marriage, the question of whether or not to accept alimony is personal choice but here are two sides of the issue for those who have not yet made a decision.

Understanding the definition of alimony and how it affects taxes

Broward County couples who are looking for a divorce may be interested in how alimony payments may affect their taxes. The answer generally depends on some specific qualities of the payments themselves.

Alimony and lump sum payments

One of the things Florida couples undergoing a divorce must often negotiate is the alimony payment. Many people opt for a monthly payment, but this is not the only choice available to them. In some states, divorced couples can also opt for a lump sum payment, just as long as the lump sum is at least equal to the total amount the payee would have received in future monthly payments.

Men and divorce

While divorce proceedings can be difficult for both spouses, men can be affected in different ways both financially and emotionally. The tendency of some men to internalize their concerns regarding issues such as alimony or child support may put them at a disadvantage during subsequent legal proceedings. In order for divorcing men to express their thoughts, they may wish to take a few relatively straightforward guidelines into consideration.

Florida may yet revamp alimony laws

Florida residents paying or receiving alimony as well as those contemplating divorce may be interested in recent actions by the state Legislature aimed at reviving a bill changing how alimony payments are awarded. The proposed changes would put a cap on some alimony payments and entirely eliminate others. Citing excessive hardship to those wage-earners obligated to support former spouses indefinitely even after relatively short marriages, reformers claim that Florida's current alimony laws are unfair and outdated.

Florida women work to make alimony equitable

A group of women in Florida is working to make alimony laws more uniform. As the law stands, judges have discretion over the amount that one spouse must pay the other after they divorce. In some cases, retired women are ordered to pay alimony that exceeds half of their monthly income. Florida's governor vetoed a bill in 2013 that would have retroactively ended alimony for some Floridians.

Different states consider new alimony laws

A number of different state legislatures, including Florida, began to consider the use of formulas to calculate alimony or the abolishment of permanent alimony in 2013. Alimony is a type of monthly payment or lump sum that a husband or wife pays his or her former spouse to help him or her pay for living expenses. If new formulas were used, these calculations would determine how long and how much a person can receive in alimony.

Deciding whether to provide alimony during a divorce

While many Florida couples continue to live happily together, it's no secret that a sizable percentage of marriages end in divorce. Achieving an equitable separation can be a great challenge when each party holds a fundamental interest in the outcome. One woman details her experience with post-marital conflict involving alimony, one of the most contentious issues in any divorce.

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