Farrah wrote:

Thank you Mr. Forrest, ESQ for your outstanding professionalism in supporting me with my case. From my initial meeting with Mr. Forrest, I had a high level of confidence in his approach of many different strategies to achieve success. My level of confidence in him grew as he was able to overcome every stumbling block that was presented. Mr. Daniel Forrest, ESQ has been working on my case for the past few months, and I am elated with the remarkable resolution. It was not an easy task. However, he worked with integrity, diligence and most of all with a passion to win. I consider him to be highly professional, an astute expert in his profession. I would also like to thank Mrs. Paulina Forrest, ESQ for her commitment and her invaluable experience which helped bring closure to my case.

Patricia wrote:

I had a difficult and complex divorce case, where Daniel represented me from the very beginning. He knew my case "inside and out". He was very professional, knowledgeable, and honest. He was also "hands-on", energetic and dedicated. After 10 years of my marital separation, my former spouse and I continue to have a good relationship, thanks in part to the settlement during Daniel's representation.

I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

Robert wrote:

I have been divorced 3 times so I know a thing or two about divorce Lawyers. Daniel Forrest took over my case after I fired an attorney and what I HUGE difference he had on my case. Mr. Forrest and his paralegal Meredith are truly the "A team" of family law and displayed high levels of consistency, knowledge, follow-up skills and strategic intelligence which all translated to firm representation of me and my case. I would hands down recommend Daniel to anyone that I know!

William wrote:

Highly Recommended! Daniel is the Best of the Best!

I highly recommend Daniel Forrest to anyone who needs an extremely competent, knowledgeable, professional, responsive, organized and attentive attorney. He is honest and knows when to be assertive if necessary. Do not make the same mistake I did from the beginning and hire the first attorney you meet with, unless it's Daniel. All attorneys are not equal and Daniel has proven that to me. It was so nice to find an attorney who I felt actually cared and showed it. I hired Daniel after firing my first attorney who got me nowhere. Daniel was able to get my child back in my life and my divorce resolved within 3 months of hiring him and my divorce was considered a high conflict case. He never ceased to impress me with his knowledge and attention to details. Not once through the entire process did I have to wait more than a few hours to hear back from Daniel directly. While being represented by the first attorney I hired (not Daniel) I felt no different than being alone through the process, however, after hiring Daniel I felt like I had someone in my corner who had my best interests at hand. He is easy to talk with and very clear about explaining your options and then formulating a plan of action. He is truly great at what he does. He helped me get my child back, and for that, I am forever grateful.

SAN wrote:

I went through a contentious and acrimonious divorce and Daniel Forrest was a guiding light in the storm. He was efficient, effective and highly skilled. He is a thoughtful and intelligent attorney and he is very responsive.

Jessica wrote:

The BEST of the BEST!

Daniel Forrest is the best of the best! I am more than impressed with his knowledge in Family Law. After meeting with Mr.Forrest the first time, his knowledge and expertise in Family Law is what made me feel so comfortable hiring him. I had met with 4-5 other attorneys before meeting with Daniel Forrest and I could not be happier with the results of my case. He is extremely organized and detail oriented. I am so happy I found him and would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Jena wrote:

I want you to know that I have been to many hearings over the years with my first husband. I have learned a lot from my previous marriage and a lot as a parent. I have been through many struggles. As a result, I have been through MANY lawyers (since 2002). Some I hired, some in passing, and some on opposing sides. I have learned that the best lawyer is one that you can communicate well with, that is thorough, listens, and most of all looks out for MY best interest. It is also important that he have great people working at his side. Today you proved to me that I have found that lawyer. I can also say that Meredeth has boosted my ego on more than one occasion, love her! She took what I thought were minor details that I couldn't do anything about and made quick action just in case it was needed (request for mandatory disclosure). You both impress me and that may not seem like much to you, but it will to people I know. :)

This is the first time I have not been extremely stressed out about a case. You both are a great team and I want you to know, I really appreciate you. Thank you for everything you have done so far and I look forward to our ongoing relationship. So happy to have your team on my side!

Steven wrote:

Was referred to Daniel from a friend who is an attorney in the area. Daniel fought hard for me and I am pleased with the outcome. I hope I never get divorced again and in order to protect myself the next time he will be doing my prenup!

Arturo wrote:

I highly recommend Mr. Daniel Forrest as a Family lawyer. He has been a very professional and successful attorney handling my complicated divorce. He was able to explain in detail his plans in a calm and balanced manner and was always a phone call away.

His knowledge of Family law was very impressive and his strategic plans of action led us to negotiate and close the case successfully.

I have the deepest respect for his work and will keenly recommend Mr. Forrest unconditionally.

Albert wrote:

Mr. Forrest is wise beyond his years. He has enormous compassion. He sees both sides of every legal question, and readily suggests the most practical and economic way forward. I was thoroughly satisfied with his legal advice, and plan to use him whenever similar questions arise.