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The costs of divorce and getting what you need out of your assets

A divorce can be a very expensive endeavor, which is why you should aim to get the most you can out of it. While emotions can come into play, it's important to look at divorce as a business transaction. If your divorce is one that centers around millions of dollars or more, you're in a position to lose or gain an immense amount of money.

How can you help yourself get what you deserve? Start by working with your attorney and valuation expert to identify and collect information on your assets. You'll need an accurate assessment of your holdings before you or the court can divide the property.

What determines the amount and length of alimony payments?

Alimony isn't always awarded in divorces. However, when it is, it's to help bridge the gap between the couple's respective pay gaps and living arrangements. Bridge-the-gap awards generally do not last longer than two years. It can also be awarded as rehabilitative compensation, which is there to support the person receiving it until they can work and support themselves. Durational alimony lasts a specified amount of time. Permanent alimony generally lasts a lifetime or until a person remarries.

Does the length of a marriage matter?

Why would you want to get a prenuptial agreement?

How do you know if a prenuptial agreement is right for you? First, you need to understand what a prenuptial agreement will do for you.

Some of the positive things a prenuptial agreement can do for you include being able to document your property and the property your spouse owns before you get married, so you have an idea of the assets both of you brought into your marriage. It can show which of your assets are community property and which assets are marital property, making it easier to split property in a divorce.

Equitable distribution is the law in Florida

Preparing for a divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, and when it comes down to splitting assets, things can get downright tense. Remember, Florida is an equitable distribution state. You don't have to split your assets 50/50, but the split should be fair.

How do assets get divided in divorce?

You may be able to avoid paying long-term alimony

Monthly alimony payment programs may be good for one person in a divorce while hindering the other. They can be frustrating, and they may make it difficult to put your past behind you. If you want to avoid monthly payments, there are some other solutions you can consider.

Your attorney can help walk you through various options for paying alimony or creating a settlement where you don't have to cover alimony. For instance, shifting some assets to cover the value of alimony might be an option.

You can decide on your own parenting arrangements

Determining how your child is going to live after a divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions you make. One of the things you'll need to decide on is the type of custody arrangement you want to have and where your child will live most of the time. For instance, if you and your partner don't get along, can you work together to co-parent, or will you or him or her be trying to obtain primary custody?

In most situations, it's normal for both parents to share the responsibility of their child or children together. They both make decisions about their child's care, education and upbringing. If one parent is unfit to do this, then you can seek sole custody of your child and the sole right to make those decisions for his or her well-being.

Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from husband

Living with someone who doesn't appreciate you, ruins your finances or takes advantage of your situation isn't something that's easy to do. Many marriages break down over the lack of financial discipline some spouses show. That's what is behind this divorce, according to the news.

Lisa Marie Presley has filed for divorce from her husband after alleging that he mismanaged her money, landing her in hot water with a credit card company that filed a lawsuit asking for $109,000 in charges.

What documents should you keep regarding alimony payments?

When you're planning to seek alimony, there are some documents that you should keep for the courts. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is not a requirement of divorce, so it's important to have the documents you need to prove that you require spousal support following the end of your marriage.

Alimony tends to be ordered in cases where one spouse earned significantly less than the other in a long marriage or when one stays home to take care of children or the home without bringing in an income. It can be hard to rejoin the workforce after years outside it, and your potential earnings may fall; that's why alimony is important for those individuals.

7 reasons a divorce can cost less if you do it now

You may be putting off getting a divorce for fear of the expenses it could raise, but there are some reasons you shouldn't delay. Is the thought of the cost of a divorce worth the expense of staying in a toxic or unhappy marriage?

There are seven ways to know if you should get a divorce instead of putting it off. One is if there is no chance of reconciliation. If your marriage won't be saved, then staying longer will only entwine your finances further. Another is that each year, your divorce could become more expensive; you may end up paying more in alimony the longer you're married, for instance.

Common reasons for invalidating prenuptial agreements

Signing a prenuptial agreement before you get married can be a good move; it protects you and your spouse against debts and other concerns. However, if you don't create the prenuptial agreement correctly or you include invalid items, then the entire agreement could be thrown out in court in the case of your divorce. Here are a few things you should avoid doing to make sure your prenuptial agreement is valid.

First, remember that both parties need to be represented by a different attorney before signing the agreement. Each person needs to fully understand the agreement and sign voluntarily; having a personal attorney will help prove that neither client was under duress at the time of signing and that both understood the terms of the agreement.