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The way you buy a home affects your future divorce

When you're first married, you're in love. You're in love with the idea of marriage, your spouse, your new life together and all the joys that come with it. During that time, many people purchase their first homes together and start a family.

If your spouse hides assets, he or she is breaking the law

As someone planning to get a divorce, you want to make sure you identify as many of your assets as possible before heading to court. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, then you may want to consider using a number of financial tools to identify those assets.

What should you do to prepare for divorce?

To get through a divorce more easily, it's important to get copies of your records. You may have a better chance of making copies and collecting these records if you get them before you state that you want to file for divorce. Sometimes, spouses who are angry may change passwords or card information, making it hard to get access to the things you need for the divorce. You should get copies of credit card statements, annuities, retirement accounts, business accounts and other financial items that impact your divorce.

What should you think about before signing a divorce decree?

No divorce is perfect, and no divorce is without its complications. You have to sever ties with your spouse, and that might also mean losing friends or alienating family members. Despite all that, you must continue and work toward dividing your assets. This helps secure your financial future.

What are some unusual marital assets to look for?

No one plans to get a divorce, but since you're going to move forward with yours, it's time to start locating your assets. How can you find all of your marital assets? The first thing to do is to recognize that there are some you might not even be thinking about. Normal assets like property or bank accounts may seem obvious, but others, like old retirement accounts or investments, may not be as easy to locate. Here are a few assets you should remember to look for, even if you're not sure if you or your spouse have them.

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