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May 2014 Archives

Asset protection in divorce with a DAPT

Florida residents who are heading into marriage with significant assets from their single life may want to consider a complement to the protection a prenuptial agreement can provide. While a prenup can open up a conversation with one's partner about financial matters, a Domestic Asset Protection Trust, or DAPT, may shield assets from creditors as well as spouses.

Safety strategies for children traveling abroad with exes

Florida parents who are divorced from a spouse with international ties may feel anxious about allowing their children to travel out of the country. Due to the expense and difficulty of other countries enforcing court orders from the United States, if the ex-spouse decides to remain in another country with the children, parents can sometimes spend years trying to reunite with them.

Financial challenges for baby boomers divorcing

Baby boomers in Florida may not get the retirement they want if they get divorced later in life. The property division process can be complex for older married couples due to the need to split the value of high-asset accounts, including retirement accounts.