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November 2015 Archives

Property division and your divorce

When you go through a divorce, your assets get divided. The way your assets get divided can be decided in one of a few ways. You could, for instance, have a prenuptial agreement that predetermines how your assets are split. On the other hand, you could go to court and have a judge decide on a fair and equitable agreement for your property division.

Same-sex couples should consider a prenuptial agreement

After same-sex marriages were legalized, you may have considered getting married right away. There are some things you should think about though, and you may want to discuss any concerns with your attorney before you take the plunge and get married or work with your attorney to get a divorce.

Make sure to check off this property during divorce

In a high-asset divorce, there's no question that you have a lot to gain or lose. Some of the things you want out of your divorce could be monetary, while other items you want could be based solely on memories or personal significance. Your marital assets may include properties, retirement accounts or stocks, just to name a few things. Normally, you, as a couple, may have merged your income and property, purchasing items together.