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To seek alimony or not: A personal choice

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Alimony

Spousal support has remained a hot topic during the first five months of 2015 and everyone seems to have a valid opinion. While alimony is often a big issue when divorce is imminent, some dependent spouses in Florida may choose to forego spousal support. As with all aspects of ending a marriage, the question of whether or not to accept alimony is personal choice but here are two sides of the issue for those who have not yet made a decision.

Reasons to accept alimony:

Spousal support can help the dependent spouse in several ways including:

— Funds provide an immediate means of survival– Usage as a safety net while going to school or receiving job training– Continuing the standard of living enjoyed before divorce

In some cases, alimony is deemed necessary when one spouse abandoned a career or a college education in favor of raising the family. Courts often consider issues like these before awarding spousal support.

Reasons to decline alimony:

Unbelievably, more and more dependent spouses are choosing to decline alimony. Reasons for this bold action include:

— Desire to make ends meet without assistance– Cultivating a sense of pride and accomplishment– Being motivated to aggressively pursue a career or an education

Obviously, declining alimony will not work for everyone but the point is divorcing spouses are realizing they have a choice in how they approach life going forward. This is especially so if they no longer wish to be bound to their former spouse.

Before making any decision about spousal support, it is a great idea to give the matter a lot of thought and to consider how you will make ends meet if you do decline alimony. Review our website for additional information about the benefits of receiving spousal support.


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