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Broward County Support Enforcement Lawyers

When custody and support arrangements are determined, it is with the expectation that both spouses will adhere to them when the divorce is over. In some situations, that is exactly what happens. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which one party does not follow the terms of the agreed-upon arrangement. In some situations, that means a spouse is not paying support. Other times, a parent may not be seeking the help that is needed.

Regardless of the situation you are in, if your ex is not adhering to your agreements, it’s important to contact a Broward County attorney who can assist with support enforcement. That’s where the Law Office Of Forrest & Forrest, PLLC can help.

When Support Money Isn’t Paid

The unfortunate reality is that it can be extremely difficult to force people to pay the money they owe and you are entitled to receive. However, if you don’t work with an experienced lawyer, your chances of receiving that money decreases even more.

Our attorneys know the options that exist for forcing people to pay their support obligations. In some situations, they can work to have support payments withheld from individuals’ paychecks, which can help ensure timely payments for the duration of that employment.

Contact A Fort Lauderdale Attorney For Contempt Of A Court Order

Whether you are facing frustrations with alimony enforcement, child support payments or child custody agreements, it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer. Our team works to protect the rights of individuals throughout South Florida.

Learn more about the representation we offer and the steps we can take to protect your rights by scheduling your initial consultation. Our firm can be reached online or by calling 800-642-8160.

The Law Office of Forrest & Forrest, PLLC represents individuals in Fort Lauderdale in high-asset divorce matters. Daniel Forrest is board-certified family lawyer and mediator serving the South Florida area.