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When Cupid strikes …

Can I stop my ex from introducing their new love interest to our kids?

The answer to this question can be complicated under Florida law. Undergirding every Florida court order related to children, including time-sharing and visitation, is their best interests. Let’s walk through the issues step by step.

My child support is going toward what?!

A fresh look at Florida’s child support guidelines

When Florida parents divorce, child support is a key issue. Florida child support law is based on a set of guidelines that weigh important factors like income, health insurance and other medical costs, child care expenses, number of children, and time spent with each parent, applying a formula to determine the amount of child support.

Money is green and giving away half of it makes me blue …

Is my ex entitled to half of my inheritance?

In Florida, when one spouse inherits property or money solely either before or during the marriage, the inherited asset is nonmarital and not subject to equitable division of property in a divorce. However, there are circumstances that can transform the character of all or part of an inheritance into marital property that is subject to division in divorce.

California divorce: Pets are people, not property in divorce

Is Florida next?

In Florida, a beloved pet is firmly in the category of property that would be part of equitable division in a divorce. Arguably, a Florida court does not even have the power to order a custody or visitation arrangement for a pet, even if the spouses treat it as a family member.

Privacy issues in family law: Is my divorce public information?

The answer to this question is complicated in Florida. Certainly, the fact that the divorce happened is public information. The public can purchase a certificate of divorce from the Florida Department of Health. 

Of more concern to most people is public access to the final judgment of dissolution of marriage, which may incorporate a marital settlement agreement and parenting plan, or to other court orders, documents and transcripts of proceedings in the divorce. Of course, there is nothing more private than the circumstances of a marital breakdown.

Home for the holiday, but whose?

What happens when your child’s holiday schedule conflicts with the regular visitation schedule? 

Let’s say you are a divorced mother who normally has the children at home during the school week, including evenings and overnights, according to your parenting plan. You have been looking forward to having Christmas this year, which falls on a Tuesday, so that your kids can celebrate with their grandparents, who are coming from out of town.

Mistle-no! Florida restraining orders for nonfamily members

Sometimes domestic or interpersonal stress and conflict come up during the holiday season. In serious situations, people can fear for their safety or that of their children and other loved ones. Obviously, concerns over an unwelcome visit from a potentially dangerous nonfamily member at a Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year or other holiday gathering cast a pall over the occasion. 

At our Fort Lauderdale law firm, we represent people who seek orders for protection, known as restraining orders, from Florida courts to keep people who are likely to harm or create fear of harm away from potential victims. This can come up in a variety of relationships, including: 

  • Unmarried current and former girlfriends or boyfriends
  • Unmarried parents of children
  • Household members
  • Former spouses
  • People in dating relationships
  • Others

Time is of the essence: A New Year, a new alimony problem

Exploring the new provisions of the Tax Code regarding the coming nondeductibility of alimony 

In all the news about tax cuts in the recent federal tax reform bill, most people have not heard about an earthshattering change in the family-law world poised to take effect on January 1, 2019. For divorces finalized after December 31, 2018, ex-spouses who pay alimony to support their formerly better halves will no longer be able to take alimony paid as a deduction against income on their federal tax returns.

Dreidel or bust: Religious holidays and child custody

Can I stop my spouse from celebrating a holiday with my children that falls outside of my religion? 

The short answer is usually not, unless you can clearly show that the practice would pose physical or mental harm to your children. It is likely not harmful enough if exposure to different religious practices of two parents is confusing to a child or even causes some anxiety.

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