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Restricting travel to Hague member countries is wise in divorce

International travel, the Internet, educational opportunities, immigration and global commerce make our modern world more and more culturally interconnected. As a result, relationships and marriages between people from different countries are common nowadays. Florida is known for its multicultural population, so we have our share of intercultural marriages.

But when such a marriage breaks down and the parties have children, unique issues of child custody and parental access can arise. During and after a divorce, when one parent has ties to another country, they might consider taking the kids to that parent’s homeland — with or without the other parent’s or the Florida court’s consent.

Uncle Sam is mad: IRS liabilities during a marriage

The concept of “innocent spouse” status 

People who are married usually file joint federal tax returns and of course, the IRS could audit anyone’s return looking for mistakes or fraud. The problem is that in many marriages, one spouse tends to take care of financial matters like tax reporting. It is fairly common for that spouse to ask the other to just sign on the dotted line after having their joint return prepared for filing. And the spouse usually just signs because he or she implicitly trusts that their spouse provided the right information to the tax preparer.

I do ... not.

Who keeps the engagement ring in Florida when the engagement falls apart?

When a couple planning to marry calls off the wedding, the engagement ring is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But as it may have significant value, once the dust settles, the parties may wonder who gets it.

But the therapist says ...

Maintaining confidentiality for children’s therapy in Florida custody disputes

We must first emphasize that the question whether a child’s therapy records or testimony of a child’s psychotherapist can be kept confidential in a custody dispute is a very complex area of Florida law. Each case is unique as far as the child’s best interest, each parent’s motivations and the nature of the subjects discussed in the psychotherapy.

Don't I know you?

Conflict of interest in attorney-client representation

When a Floridian looks for a lawyer to represent him or her in a divorce or other family law matter, there are certain things for a future client to consider. It is a good idea to interview candidates and consider experience, knowledge, reputation, cost, accessibility and communication style. There should be a comfort level with the lawyer that would make sharing personal information feel safe.

Florida child support: What letter?

Service of process in Florida Department of Revenue administrative proceedings

Despite that we conduct much of our personal and professional business electronically, we still get too much paper mail. It often goes into a pile and we do not read it for weeks, if at all. Or if it’s from a sender we do not recognize, it might go directly into recycling.

But I want to keep the house:

The advantages and pitfalls of refinancing a mortgage due to divorce

What to do with the family home in a divorce is one of the most significant decisions most spouses must make in divorce negotiations. Are they parents who think it would be good at a time of family turmoil for the children to stay in the home they know? Does one of the spouses want to keep that residence as his or her home or to use as a rental property?

Do step-siblings have rights?

How to preserve step-sibling relationships after a Florida divorce

When two people marry and both have children from previous relationships, their children become step-siblings. Even though not biologically related, when step-siblings grow up together, they can become as close as biological siblings.

International travel after Florida divorce

What is the Hague Convention and why does it matter?

When the divorce is finally over, a parent might be surprised by a request from the other parent to take the children on an international trip outside of the U.S. If there is conflict in the relationship, suspicion might arise about the true motives for the invitation. Especially if the other ex-spouse has roots or family abroad, the left-behind parent might worry that the traveling parent might plan to keep the kids abroad in violation of the custody and visitation order from the Florida court.

Not just the baby-daddy

Florida's groundbreaking caselaw on the rights of biological fathers and married mothers

In June 2018, the Florida Supreme Court released an important opinion that, in essence, recognized that the biological father of a child born to a mother who is married to another man should not be shut out from pursuing paternity and the paternal rights and responsibilities that go with it when he has shown "substantial and continuing concern for the welfare of the [child]."

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