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But I want to keep the house:

The advantages and pitfalls of refinancing a mortgage due to divorce

What to do with the family home in a divorce is one of the most significant decisions most spouses must make in divorce negotiations. Are they parents who think it would be good at a time of family turmoil for the children to stay in the home they know? Does one of the spouses want to keep that residence as his or her home or to use as a rental property?

Do step-siblings have rights?

How to preserve step-sibling relationships after a Florida divorce

When two people marry and both have children from previous relationships, their children become step-siblings. Even though not biologically related, when step-siblings grow up together, they can become as close as biological siblings.

International travel after Florida divorce

What is the Hague Convention and why does it matter?

When the divorce is finally over, a parent might be surprised by a request from the other parent to take the children on an international trip outside of the U.S. If there is conflict in the relationship, suspicion might arise about the true motives for the invitation. Especially if the other ex-spouse has roots or family abroad, the left-behind parent might worry that the traveling parent might plan to keep the kids abroad in violation of the custody and visitation order from the Florida court.

Not just the baby-daddy

Florida’s groundbreaking caselaw on the rights of biological fathers and married mothers

In June 2018, the Florida Supreme Court released an important opinion that, in essence, recognized that the biological father of a child born to a mother who is married to another man should not be shut out from pursuing paternity and the paternal rights and responsibilities that go with it when he has shown “substantial and continuing concern for the welfare of the [child].”

Estate planning after Florida divorce

Don’t forget your will and life insurance policies!

It should not be an afterthought after you are finally divorced that you might need to change your will and other estate planning documents. Rather, you should consider as soon as you know your marital relationship is on the rocks what powers and benefits your soon-to-be-ex (or someone in his family of origin) has in your current estate plan.

You sure don't seem impartial ...

What is the true role of a Florida guardian ad litem?

If you are a parent in a Florida divorce or other court proceeding involving your children, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem for your kids. You may question the impartiality of the GAL, but being impartial is not his or her job. Rather, the GAL must always be guided by what he or she believes is in your children's best interests. It is also entirely possible that you may disagree with the GAL's opinion of what is in the kids' best interests.


A look at Florida's new cyberstalking statute

At our law firm, we represent people involved in actual or alleged domestic violence. Sometimes these situations arise in connection with divorce or child custody proceedings and other times between people who are dating, living together or in other close or family relationships. We represent clients who have experienced domestic violence or abuse or who fear it may occur as well as clients who have been accused of domestic violence, stalking, threats, abuse or similar acts.

Home sweet home: Figuring a marital interest in nonmarital assets

In a Florida divorce, unless the divorcing parties enter into an agreement of their own, the judge will divide marital assets and debts according to the principle of equitable distribution. This means, according to the applicable state statute, that the division should be equal, unless unequal distribution can be justified considering all relevant factors. 

First, the court determines which assets and debts are nonmarital and not subject to division, meaning owned or owed by one spouse separately. For example, nonmarital assets are those owned before marriage by one spouse or that was gifted to or inherited by only one of them.

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