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The psychological elements of property division

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Property Division

Most Broward County residents facing the end of a marriage would probably agree that divvying up marital property is an important divorce issue. At the same time, it can also be a highly contentious matter for both spouses. Resolving property division in an amicable way benefits the divorcing couple as it prevents a judge from stepping in and dividing the property in way that might be unsuitable for either spouse.

One study published on the American Psychological Association website offers divorcing couples some insight about divorce, including information about the property division process. The study talks about communication and psychological elements that appear in the process of dividing marital property. Further, the study discusses why divorcing spouses should gain an understanding of spoken language, body language and negotiating tactics.

Cultivating this understanding is crucial when couples make property division decisions on their own or with help from attorneys or third-party mediators. Specifically, the study raises points about how men and women react differently to the property division process. For example, women tend to be more averse to risk than men are as well as more focused on the relationship with their husbands. In turn, these factors may lead women to accept a smaller settlement.

Another point the study reveals how the actual valuation of some assets can be affected by an individual’s perceived ownership. Simply put, this means individuals can value an object more when he or she feels a sense of ownership over the object.

Learning about the psychological side of property division can help divorcing couples make better decisions about how the divide their assets. Another way to make sure each gets a fair share is by discussing the issues with a Florida divorce attorney before finalizing any documentation.

Source: American Psychological Association, “That’s mine! Property division in divorce,” ve M. Brank, JD, PhD, and Amanda B. Hussein, accessed Aug. 19, 2015


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