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Prenuptial agreements and lifestyle clauses

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2015 | Prenuptial Agreements

As prenuptial agreements continue to be a popular tool for those considering marriage, their contents continue to evolve into the modern era. While once only the rich and famous bothered with a prenup, people of all incomes and all lifestyles are incorporating these contracts into their wedding plans. Most prenuptial agreements detail the asset division process should a marriage fail, but “lifestyle clauses” are changing the face of today’s premarital agreements.

Many Fort Lauderdale residents have taken notice of the trend toward prenups with lifestyle clauses, which can include restrictions on weight gain and other fine points. While these clauses might actually support a healthy relationship in many cases, engaged parties should be aware that a court must approve the final agreement. Many of the clauses people want to include may render the contract invalid in the eyes of the law.

Some of the more extreme lifestyle clauses include: restrictions on social media participation; restrictions on watching sports; sexual frequency; smoking restrictions; payouts for each baby the wife gives birth to; and of course, the ever-popular infidelity clause.

In order to stay within the limits of the law, engaged couples should probably get professional guidance when drafting a prenuptial agreement. Working closely with an attorney helps couples make informed choices about what to include in a prenup. In the end, this is nearly always a better decision than simply going with the trends and throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a prenuptial agreement.

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