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Dividing assets in Florida with the help of your attorneys

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Property Division

In general, if you decide to get a divorce in Florida, you will need to decide on how to split your assets. Marital property is any property you obtain during your marriage in Florida.

When the assets are divided, there will be a few things a judge can look at. First, how long has your marriage been? Longer marriages will have more assets tied together and shared. Next, you’ll need to look at how much each person contributed to the marriage in terms of financing and in terms of education and care to any children in the home.

The economic circumstance you’re under will be reviewed, and the length of your marriage will also be considered. If either you or your spouse had your career halted or interrupted, this will be reviewed, because it’s important that person receives fair compensation for that lost time in his or her career.

If you provided money toward the other spouse’s career or education, that’s important to submit to the court. You’ll also want to put down information on any assets you want to retain, whether that’s a business or other item in the home.

Many other factors also apply, but these are some general things that you should look into with your attorney. Our website has more information on how to divide assets in Florida and what happens if you and your spouse can’t decide on how to divide your assets and debts. If you can’t decide, you may have to let the court do so, but there are ways to help you both negotiate before turning to court.


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