Broward County Paternity Lawyers

Representing Mothers, Fathers And Prospective Fathers

Attorney Daniel E. Forrest represents clients in various paternity-related matters:

  • Mothers — For a mother, not proving an established biological relationship between the father and the child could mean that she does not receive child support payments or have anyone to help raise the child.
  • Fathers and prospective fathers — If a father's biological relationship to a child has not been established, he has no rights, which can work against both parents. A father may be denied custodial and visitation rights. He may also lose his ability to voice his opinions about the child's upbringing. The mother can even give the child up for adoption without the father's consent.

The Law Office of Daniel E. Forrest, P.A., represents mothers and fathers throughout South Florida who want to protect their parental rights. Daniel Forrest knows what rights parents should have, and he fights aggressively to protect them. Contact a Broward County paternity attorney to find out how he can help you.

When Fathers Are Taken Advantage Of

It's critical for fathers to know their rights and know how to protect them. Paternity lawyer Daniel Forrest works with men who have been taken advantage of, including situations such as:

  • Paying child custody for a child that is not yours
  • Having your child put up for adoption without your consent
  • Mothers denying fathers visitation rights

Contact A Fort Lauderdale DNA Test Attorney

Whether you are a father who has been taken advantage of, or you're a mother who wants the child's father to play a role in raising the child, it's important to work with someone who can protect your rights. Learn about the representation the firm offers by scheduling your initial consultation by calling 800-642-8160.