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One of the top accomplishments a lawyer can receive is becoming Board Certified Marital & Family Law. As of 2018, only 282 attorneys are Board Certified in Marital & Family Law in the state of Florida.

Attorney Daniel E. Forrest is Board Certified in Florida for Marital & Family Law. He represents clients in divorce, child custody, domestic violence and other complex family law matters.

If you are seeking representation from an attorney who has demonstrated excellence in his practice — and an attorney who has a track record of accomplishment — you should schedule a consultation with Daniel E. Forrest. Please do not hesitate to contact his Broward County law office to schedule a consultation.

Why Does Board Certification Matter?

There are more than 93,000 lawyers in the state of Florida. Of them, less than 4,600 are Board Certified Marital & Family Law.

The process of becoming a Board Certified Marital & Family Law attorney is a rigorous one. Many requirements must be met, including:

  • The attorney must be viewed favorably by The Florida Bar
  • The attorney must have practiced law for a minimum of five years
  • The attorney must be actively involved in his or her particular area of law
  • The attorney must be viewed favorably among other attorneys and peers
  • The attorney must meet continuing education requirements set by The Florida Bar
  • The attorney must have passed rigorous testing and examination

“Evaluated For Professionalism, Tested For Expertise”

Florida Board Certified Marital & family law attorney Daniel E. Forrest devotes 100 percent of his practice to family law. When facing divorce, child custody determinations or other sensitive family law issues, a client can rest assured knowing that he or she is working with a highly experienced, focused and reputable lawyer.

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If you are interested in learning how a Board Certified lawyer in Marital & Family Law can help you in your particular legal matter, please call 800-642-8160.

The Law Office of Forrest & Forrest, PLLC represents individuals in Fort Lauderdale in high-asset divorce matters. Daniel Forrest is board-certified family lawyer and mediator serving the South Florida area.