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Oil mogul's wife may receive largest divorce settlement in U.S.

Harold Hamm, who is currently estimated to be worth more than $11 billion, may end up losing about half of his assets after his divorce from his second wife is resolved. The couple's divorce may actually be the most expensive divorce ever recorded once the couple reaches agreements regarding the division of marital assets and other issues. Sue Ann Hamm filed for divorce in May 2012; however, the couple owns complex assets and has yet to reach property division agreements.

Fairness of permanent alimony payments questioned in Florida

Wealthy, married couples in South Florida may be comfortable with their current lifestyles. Couples may be able to afford going out to eat on a regular basis and participating in a variety of activities when both spouses are earning high incomes. Other couples may be able to afford living off of one income so that one spouse can stay home with the children. These are lifestyles that couples become accustomed to, but when married couples divorce, these types of lifestyles may be threatened.

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