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Deciding whether to provide alimony during a divorce

While many Florida couples continue to live happily together, it's no secret that a sizable percentage of marriages end in divorce. Achieving an equitable separation can be a great challenge when each party holds a fundamental interest in the outcome. One woman details her experience with post-marital conflict involving alimony, one of the most contentious issues in any divorce.

Divorce and division of property: what's really yours?

Married couples in Florida may find themselves sharing a myriad of belongings, ranging from bank accounts to real estate. Deciding who gets what in the event of a divorce can lead to quite a conundrum. There's several things which may be taken into consideration, including homes, vehicles, retirement plans, stock options and more. There's many common misconceptions regarding distribution of marital property and what is considered separate property versus marital property.

Child custody is no longer a simple matter for divorcing moms

As family dynamics have changed in society, so have matters of child custody. For the past four decades, in Florida as well as in the United States in general, the roles of women within their families have changed as have those of men.

Prenuptial agreements becoming increasingly popular

According to CBS News, a 2011 study indicates that prenuptial agreements have increased nationwide by 73 percent in a five-year period, and Broward County is no exception. Interestingly, prenup requests by women account for much of the increase. Today's prenups are clearly not only the tool of the wealthy.

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