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Co-parenting allows parents to work together for kids' sake

Divorcing parents in Florida who want to lessen the impact on their children now have a new tool: "co-parenting." It's a concept that can de-emphasize some of the thornier child custody issues in the parenting equation and allow both parents to more equally share in the responsibilities of raising their children.

Should you file for divorce or bankruptcy first?

People in Florida getting a divorce might be wondering which they should file first: divorce or bankruptcy? According to divorce experts, it is wise for couples to resolve as many issues as they possibly can before they file for a divorce. This is especially true for couples who have mortgage payments.

Different states consider new alimony laws

A number of different state legislatures, including Florida, began to consider the use of formulas to calculate alimony or the abolishment of permanent alimony in 2013. Alimony is a type of monthly payment or lump sum that a husband or wife pays his or her former spouse to help him or her pay for living expenses. If new formulas were used, these calculations would determine how long and how much a person can receive in alimony.

Splitting air miles in a divorce

Negotiating which spouse gets what of the savings, cash, real estate and investments accumulated during a marriage is one of the most important things people deal with in a divorce. Many times, property division involves other items such as art, a wine collection or other assets that the couple has accumulated. However, other property such as air miles can lead to disagreements. It's important to understand how property like frequent flyer miles can impact a divorce.

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