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Basketball fans in Florida and across the nation are watching as Dwayne Wade and his former wife, not even one week after reaching an agreement on a $5 million figure, fight in yet another court battle. This disagreement focuses on child custody. Apparently, the basketball player wants his ex to undergo a psychological evaluation or forfeit all visits with their boys.

Although the couple divorced in 2007, Wade gained sole custody of their sons in 2011. He claimed that she demonstrated ongoing and unstable behavior during their most recent discussions in July. At one point, she picketed outside of the courts in Chicago with signs declaring that she was homeless and abandoned. However, his lawyers contend that he gives her $25,000 monthly in spousal support and pays her house payment along with all costs associated with her four vehicles.

Official documents indicated that Wade is concerned about her attitude, behavior and the possible effects it could have on their children. He wants her time with the boys suspended immediately until she is evaluated. She argued that the player has a typical pattern of attempting to keep her from visitation if she says anything negative against him. After the picketing incident, Wade canceled visitation between the boys and their mother scheduled for the end of July. However, she countered by filing a visitation interference report with law enforcement personnel. In 2012, the mother was taken into custody for misdemeanor charges related to a separate incident of visitation interference.

Even for someone who is not a high-profile, public figure, child custody may be an emotional issue. A family attorney might be able to help clients negotiate an agreeable visitation schedule.

Source: Sports world News, "Dwyane Wade, Siovaughn Wade Headed Back to Child Custody Court After Reaching $5 Million Divorce Settlement", Glenn Minnis, July 27, 2013

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