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Effects of a child support nonpayment home lien on a divorce

The Office of Child Support Enforcement and its assorted regional partners, such as the Florida Department of Revenue, have been empowered by law to take a variety of steps in order to secure payment of child support. This can include placing a lien upon a house or property. There are some cases where an individual who was already paying support for a child chose to marry, only to have a lien for nonpayment of support placed on their new marital home. If their new marriage is someday dissolved, then the lien may affect the division of property.

Florida alimony reform bill to be filed

Sponsors involved in Florida legislature are reportedly trying again to pass a bill that made its way through the legislature last year but was vetoed by the governor. The bill dealt with alimony reform and sought to end permanent alimony. The sticking point was that it allowed for previous alimony judgments to be revisited and perhaps modified.

Advance planning may protect assets during a divorce

Some residents in Florida who may be contemplating divorce in the near future or presently undergoing one may find a recent article on the subject somewhat enlightening. Its author acknowledges the inherent difficulties in divorce cases owing to issues such as asset valuation and division, but nevertheless believes that at least some of their hardship may be alleviated by proper planning and care before the divorce even begins. She proposes five possible courses of action someone may take to protect their assets in the event of a legal separation.

International kidnapping leads to child custody modifications

Florida residents may have heard of two fathers who were recently re-united with their sons. While both California men had shared custody agreements with the mother after their divorces, she purposely kept the children in Europe after her authorized vacation with them had ended. She not only kept the children, she also changed their names and appearance, and moved around often in order to avoid returning them to America and negotiating new child custody agreements with their fathers.

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