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How to find out if a spouse is hiding assets in a divorce

Florida residents may be interested in an article detailing some of the ways that a spouse can hide assets in a divorce. The article also touches on how information on these hidden assets can be found.

Dealing with the family pet in divorce

Florida spouses may have a variety of assets that they must distribute during the course of their divorce. One issue that is becoming a more common and contentious matter in the property division process is the disposition of the family pet.

Lobbyists battle in divorce court over art collection

Florida readers may be interested in a story out of Washington, D.C., concerning one couple who has decided to end their marriage. The husband and wife, both high-profile lobbyists, are now fighting a legal battle over ownership and control of their art collection.

New bill has international custody considerations

Proposed legislation that was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives in December spells out what the U.S. can do if a foreign country fails to comply with the Hague international abduction treaty when a child is taken from Florida or any other state. U.S. State Department statistics show that in 2013, non-custodial parents abducted more than 1,000 children and moved with them to another country. The bill is now in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and hearings have already begun.

Transparency of marital assets in divorce

Florida couples contemplating divorce might know that property division is based on a clear understanding and listing of marital assets. When marital assets are clearly identified and valuated, property division may begin. When the divorcing spouses are high net worth individuals, assets may be greater and harder to find as they are often more complex and not always easily divided.

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