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Florida custody agreements

The issue of child custody is a primary concern for most parents seeking a divorce. A custody agreement aims to emphasize an arrangement between the parents that will keep the best interest of the child a priority. In Florida, a family court judge will indicate the parameters regarding physical custody, visitation and decision-making on the child's behalf.

Complex asset division in South Florida

If you are preparing to divorce in Florida, you will necessarily go through the division of your marital property. In Florida, assets are deemed as either marital or nonmarital property. Marital property will be divided equitably between spouses, while separate property will remain the property of the spouse who brought it into the marriage.

Dividing art assets when artists divorce

When undergoing a divorce, spouses often face a long and difficult process of dividing property. In states that have equitable distribution, like Florida, calculating the worth and appropriate division of assets can be a complex process, since distribution may be unequal depending on each spouse's financial circumstances, the needs of children, and the length of the marriage. When artists divorce, property division can be especially challenging due to the complex nature of art assets.

Alimony and lump sum payments

One of the things Florida couples undergoing a divorce must often negotiate is the alimony payment. Many people opt for a monthly payment, but this is not the only choice available to them. In some states, divorced couples can also opt for a lump sum payment, just as long as the lump sum is at least equal to the total amount the payee would have received in future monthly payments.

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