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Man pleads with wife for his daughter's safe return

Florida residents might be interested to hear a man in Savannah, Georgia is pleading for his daughter's return. His estranged wife disappeared with the two-year-old girl, and her other four-month-old daughter after the man dropped off the two-year-old at his wife's parents' home. The man has full-custody of his daughter. As the custodial parent, he had dropped off the girl as part of an arranged visit. Police are now following leads to try to find the woman and her two daughters.

When it comes to divorce, wives who earn more may pay a price

Now that an increasing number of working wives outearn their husbands, family practice lawyers in Broward County and elsewhere throughout the nation are seeing a new phenomenon: courts are ordering these women to pay alimony to their soon-to-be ex-husbands, and the women are none too pleased with this turn of events.

Life insurance division may raise questions in divorce

The division of life insurance is one area divorcing couples in Florida may not consider but which can lead to serious problems between partners. Normally, property division includes real estate, bank accounts and retirement funds, but life insurance can also be considered part of the marital estate. If a partner owns a valuable life insurance policy, it can be difficult to liquidate it in order to give half to the other spouse.

Controversial alimony bill vetoed by Governor

A bill that would have drastically altered Florida alimony law was vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott. The bill would have changed alimony law by capping or eliminating some payments. The payments have been considered to be crucial to spouses in the process of rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can protect everyone

Prenuptial agreements provide a practical solution to financial protection in the event divorce. They apply to people of all financial statures, not just the rich. All couples, including those living in Broward County, have certain assets to protect. When couples create a prenuptial agreement in advance of conflict, unnecessary difficulties can be avoided. The most common protection that prenuptial agreements provide for is future earnings. The agreements also shield the parties from future debt, which is particularly attractive during difficult financial times. When children from previous relationships are involved, parents may be concerned that they will lose their rights to life insurance proceeds, IRA accounts or other financial benefits that they would stand to inherit. A solid prenuptial agreement can provide financial security to the children, not to mention peace of mind to the parent. 

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