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Senator suggests equal visitation time with children

Florida's laws have seemingly always stayed in a state of change with alimony and child custody laws shifting over the last few years. An Oct. 27 report states that a senator in Florida has suggested a law that would eliminate lifetime alimony payments, which could leave some people without the money they need to live their lives following divorce, depending on the circumstances.

Timbaland's wife requests alimony in second divorce filing

When a divorce is in the cards, there are many things you'll have to work out with your spouse. The first step is to get the other person to respond to your divorce filing through the courts, so you know you're both on the same page. If he or she doesn't respond, it may be possible to get the court to rule in your favor before the divorce proceedings ever begin, which makes it easier to get the divorce moving so you can move on with your life. Your attorney can help you understand what happens if the other party won't acknowledge or sign a divorce request in a reasonable amount of time.

3 tips for getting more out of your divorce

When you're getting a divorce and have many assets and income streams to divide, the changes that need to be made and the decisions you'll have to face can be difficult. Your attorney may be working with you to build your requests and to build a case for the claims you want to make for assets, but there are still some mistakes you should be sure to avoid.

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