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What are some prenuptial agreement facts?

Prenuptial agreements may not seem appealing when you're considering getting married, but even though they may not feel romantic, they can be a way to protect yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. These agreements work in both parties' favor, which is why it's important to consider one before marriage.

Alimony law changes head to the legislature in Florida again

Alimony, which is paid to a spouse following a divorce, has been in Florida's news over the last several years as the laws have been changing and amended. For those with high-asset divorces, any changes made to alimony rules can have a major impact. For instance, if alimony used to be allowed for a lifetime and then suddenly is limited to 10 years, one spouse could lose out on the income that he or she requires.

Should men receive alimony payments?

Alimony isn't just for women. In the past, maybe that was true much of the time, but now, since 40 percent of all breadwinners are women, it seems right that more men should be in on the alimony side of divorce. Actually, only 3 percent of men who were married are receiving payments from their ex-wives. Hundreds of thousands of men are seemingly eligible for alimony but are not receiving it.

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